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CS507 Information Systems Discussions Assignment#2

CS507 Information Systems Discussions Assignment#2 Fall 2016

CS507 Information Systems Discussions Assignment#2

“Chen One” is a chain of fashion stores owned by Chenab Group (based in Faisalabad, Pakistan). It offers clothing, footwear, bed linen and kitchen accessories. Chen One has its web site. A visitor may browse catalogues of its different products. A visitor may fill sign up form and can become a registered user. A registered user record will be maintained by company. A registered user (after Login) may do online shopping with free home delivery option. He will fill cart by selecting different products (along with different sizes and colors options). After order confirmation, a SMS with order details will be sent to customer. Receipt will be saved and customer may also check his orders(s) details later on. Ordered products will be delivered to customer at given address Remember there are two options for payment are online payment or cash payment on delivery.


Company is considering having some systematic approach for customer relations it may also use it to improve its sale record and for the ease of customer a 24/7 way of contact; it has also some systems like inventory management, sale and purchase, warehouse.


After reading above carefully you are required to do the followings


1)    Draw  an Entity Relation Ship Diagram for the process till payment and delivery of the order

2)    Identify the type of information systems required in second part (2nd paragraph) and its possible sub components.

3)    After identifying the main and sub components of a desired system you have to enlist at least two well know solutions available in the international market for these sub systems.

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